When Responsible breeders retire their mom's and dads they make sure they are placed into loving pet homes. They also make sure they are fixed.

When a ethical breeder breeds a litter of puppy it is there responsibility to make sure every puppy go's into a great home. After all the puppies did not ask to be born and the moms and dads did not ask to be breed.

The breeder made a decision to breed that litter of puppies.

In an email that was submitted to court in a case sherry carter was in she admits she turns her dogs and puppies over to rescue at a drop of a hat

she also says please don't tell them I am a breeder they think I just rescue

Dose that mean she is lying to the rescue, the people that is there to try and help innocent animals that don't ask to be breed or brought into this world for some one else profit..??

 Here is an email from a rescue group to Sherry Carter Bowden a Shichon breeder in Alabama


In our opinion only this is very unethical. Rescue groups are NOT there to take a puppy a breeder can not sale for money.

They are there to help puppies that are in dangerous homes or situations. The rescue group did NOT make money on the other puppies in the litter and they don't own the parents.

 So lets recap.. Sherry Carter Bowden in forkland Alabama  has on her websites she is not a broker, But in court documents she admits to buying and reselling puppies, and she also admits to sales or giving her adult dogs and puppies to a rescue group to sale.